Support the California Arts Council. Fund AB580

Dear Friends,

We are writing to let you know about our efforts to increase the state funding allocation to the California Arts Council to $75 million per year.

The CAC’s current state funding allocation is just over $1 million (or 3 cents per California resident)—the second lowest in the nation (by comparison New York state is $5.80 per person and Minnesota is over $10 per person). Increasing the CAC’s funding to $75 million (just under $2 per person) will improve our rating to a more respectable 12th.


Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian (D – Van Nuys) has introduced AB580 that, if approved by a majority of his colleagues in the California State Legislature, will increase the CAC budget starting in 2014.


Thank Assemblyman Nazarian by writing him a letter of support for AB 580. You can see a template for what to say in your letter here:

Letters should be sent on your organization’s letterhead and signed by your artistic leader, executive director or president of your board of directors (as appropriate to your organization). Letters can be sent via e-mail as a PDF File attachment to Nazarian’s aide at or faxed to (916) 319-2146 attention Cynthia Alvarez or mailed to:

The Honorable Adrin Nazarian                                                                                     Member California State Assembly                                                                                     P.O. Box 942849, Room 4015                                                                                 Sacramento, CA 94249-0046

Attention: Cynthia Alvarez

DO NOT just send an e-mail message of support in the body of the text. It must be fax, PDF or US mail.

ALSO COPY THE COMMITTEE (see letter for c.c. instructions).

There are going to be another half a dozen steps or so where we will need your support to get AB580 passed. From here we need to get other Assembly people to co-author the bill, then it has to pass through three committees to reach the floor of the Assembly for a vote, then the Senate has to approve and then Jerry Brown has to sign it into law.

All this will be happening in the next three weeks to four months. So we will be sending additional e-mails asking for your help.

Thanks very much


Andrew Wood
Executive Director
San Francisco International Arts Festival
The Flood Building
870 Market Street, Suite 1256
San Francisco, CA 94102
T- 415-399-9554


Letter to Mayor Ed Lee

Dear Mayor Lee,

I am writing on behalf of a number of representatives of the arts and entertainment community to request a meeting with you. We have some ideas as to how to improve the current plan to implement the America’s Cup in San Francisco in 2013 so that it maximizes the event’s economic impact potential and becomes more of a meaningful and rich experience for San Franciscans across the socio-political spectrum. We would like to talk to you about our plan prior to the vote by the Board of Supervisors on whether or not to go ahead with the America’s Cup deal. The vote is currently expected on the 28th of this month.

Quite appropriately, the Supervisors’ primary focus is on the long term ramifications of the leasing of public property as spelled out in the Disposition and Development Agreement between Oracle Racing and the Port Authority. However, there are other important details in the America’s Cup deal that the city needs to give serious consideration before signing off on them. It is some of these details that are the subject of this letter and we are asking that you insert the power of your office into the negotiations as a means to help modify the deal for the benefit of all parties concerned.  Read more (PDF)

Board of Supervisors Arts Hearing

San Francisco City Hall

There will be a hearing on plans for Arts & Culture during the America’s Cup at the Land Use and Economic Development Committee of the Board of Supervisors on Monday, December 5 at 1pm. The hearing has been called by Supervisor Eric Mar who is the chairperson of the committee.

We will be making a presentation and there will also be a public comment period. We will need some people to speak. Please let me know if you are interested in attending the hearing/and or speaking. Please also forward this message to other people you think might be interested in participating.

There are three things that we are looking for (choose any that you feel comfortable with):

  1. Individuals and representatives of arts organizations that think it is important that the America’s Cup include a comprehensive arts program.
  2. Individual artists and arts organizations that are planning specific events, exhibitions or installations during the America’s Cup.
  3. Individuals who feel comfortable speaking to broader policy issues such as arts and economic development, cultural tourism, cultural diversity and how an arts component of the America’s Cup would broaden the appeal of the event to more communities, Environmental Impact Reports and the California Environmental Quality Act.

We are trying to be strategic about how many people speak. We want enough to cover all of the points we want to make without being repetitive.

We could also use letters of support for the concept and/or letters that briefly list what activities an individual organization might have planned for the July – September 2013 period that could be part of an America’s Cup arts program.

Letters and statement will be especially important for those people unable to attend on December 5.

We will also be circulating a statement that people can sign onto.



Barak Marshall

The San Francisco Bay Guardian has an article about choreographer Barak Marshall:

“The son of Yemenite-Israeli choreographer Margalit Oved, Marshall happened upon his dance voice while accompanying his mother for a 1994 visit with the Inbal Dance Company in Israel.” […] “Marshall’s culture, as well as his studies in social theory and philosophy at Harvard University, continue to influence the content of his work.”

Read more…

To purchase tickets, click here.

Return to the biography page on SFIAF’s website.

Teatr Zar

Teatr Zar performs at the 2011 San Francisco International Arts Festival with Gospels of Childhood. The Triptych.

Here’s an article from the San Francisco Bay Guardian about Teatr Zar:

“…it would have been difficult to anticipate the effect on the audience of the intoning voices and thrilling harmonies that filled the room, or for that matter the moody intensity, bounding athleticism, brooding and ecstatic movement, and the quasi-liturgical atmosphere of these exceptionally deft and well-crafted performances.”  Read more…

Each part of the Triptych can be seen as a stand alone show or as part of a series. Purchase all three shows in advance as a series discount for $48 (or $36 at the March Early Bird price). The starting times of Parts Two and Three are approximations—Patrons should check for more detailed information when purchasing tickets.

You can buy tickets for:
Part 1: Gospels of Childhood: Overture
Part 2: Caesarian Section 
Part 3: Anhelli: The Calling 

To return to the biography page of Teatr Zar on SFIAF’s website, click here.

Opening Night Performance

SFIAF 2011 opens with two spectacular jazz performers: Omar Sosa with John Santos.

Here’s an article on SF Weekly about Omar Sosa.

“Pianist Omar Sosa is on a musical and spiritual mission. His music, steeped in Afro-Cuban and jazz influences, melds traditional and modern sounds (and aesthetics) to show the unseen threads that connect cultures throughout the African diaspora. His mission has taken him into myriad musical settings that have been documented on an impressive array of recordings. His rare stop in the Bay Area at Yoshi’s this week is a sort of musical homecoming.”  Read more…

To return to the page description about Omar Sosa and John Santos, click here.

Brown Paper Blog

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